Alaknanda river near Badrinath temple

Badrinath temple is situated on banks of river Alaknanda.Alaknanda is one of the main rivers forming holy river Ganges.The other two rivers are Mandakini and Bhagirathi.Gangotri dham is situated on banks of river Bhagirathi and Kedarnath Dham is situated on banks of river Mandakini.

Alaknanda river near Badrinath Dham


Tourists visiting the temple need to cross a small bridge on river Alaknanda to reach the temple.The hot water spring Taptkund is situated near the river area.Devotees perform puja on ghats created over the river.

The place is also famous for Pind daan.Pind daan is a holy ritual in which you pay tribute to your ancestors.Pind Daan at Badrinath is one must ritual everyone visiting the place should perform considering the importance of this ritual here.

The Pind Daan is performed on banks of the river few meters away from the main temple.You can ask local people to guide you.During my visit I saw many people performing the ritual opposite to the Tapt kund location.Near the Taptkund puja is performed (This is different than Pind Daan).

In the picture shown above you can see the areas for hot water spring and pind daan.The house structure you see upfront is Hot water spring.Near the Taptkund is puja item shops selling flowers and other puja items.Moving forward is the puja place.On the remote side you can see a bridge.Under the bridge on banks of river Alaknanda the pind daan is performed.

Do not miss to perform the ritual on your Badrinath Dham visit as it is one of the most important of rituals performed here.

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