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adsforindians is online advertising company which targets Indian traffic.It claims to be largest Indian ad network.In my quest for new money making options I landed up on their website and created account.I also wanted to have detailed insight about its working and ad quality.I do not remember number of days they took to verify and activate my account.

Below is detailed review of this advertising network based on my experience


The requirement as stated on their website is 100 page views per day and 75% traffic from India.Also you need to deliver 1 click per 1000 impressions.So it seemed to be good advertising network for webmasters having Indian traffic.Since there is lack of advertising network for Indian traffic I really wanted to check out this one.They do not allow ads on websites with adult content and offensive content.This is the case with most of the advertising network.

User Interface

The website interface did make me unhappy.The design was pretty simple and homepage was full of ads.This looked bit odd to me.I also browsed through other links on the site.On the other site link of their website I found links to other website in its network.The list did not seem impressive.Most of the website had blogspot domain name.

Social Presence

I thought to get more details about the advertising network.Social presence or social popularity is very important for a website.So I checked Facebook page of adsforindians.

Facebook page link

The page has only 6 likes.This is not impressive at all.So on social front it does not live up to expectation.It does not seem to be too popular among publishers.The page also did not looked very active.

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Initially I thought this network would be worth trying.But above finding were not helping the cause.So I dropped the idea of trying this advertising network.I would not recommend this advertising network.

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  1. I do not know whether it pays or not..I have not tried it long enough to reach payment threshold..if you have approved Adsense account than use that..Google Adsense is best CPC network

  2. i also want to know that this network does really pays or not?
    i had pasted the ads on my website m11 dot in and i was getting very few clicks when i used the google adsense i was getting tripple clicks. so is this because of lack of advertisements or what???

  3. Good to know you are using them..Above are the facts I found…It would be great is you can share your experience..Also how can you say it is false review..I just shared my findings (removed the whois info)..Can you say any one of above finding is wrong? I would be happy to rectify..Today I browsed the site..They are serving Vcommision ads on their own website..You can see that loading while visiting their site or you can use Google Page Speed..

    Moreover about defamation law..How above post is under that category?..

  4. Do you have any proof that they are fraud? I have been their publisher for 5 years. I don’t agree with your false reviews. If you are writing false review, beware of getting into defamation law suite. Also you are not suppose to publish Whois information on your website without their permission. Whois info can be displayed only by domain registrants, which is only for informational purpose. You can not use it in any kind of publication without the owners permission. Looks like you are getting into some legal troubles. Good luck!

  5. Glad to hear that please share more details it will be good for visitors and I will update the post accordingly..Have you tried them and got paid??

  6. thnx for sharing your views but the basis you are taking does not mean that site is fraud…I have seen people getting paid from them..

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