Ads from 10 advertising networks on WordPress blog post

It is good practice to use ads from different advertising networks particularly if you are banned from Adsense or do not trust Adsense or want to check which advertising network is most profitable for you.It also helps you run different advertising networks on your blog.

But trying to run many number of advertising networks on your blog may cluster your page with ads and lessens the chances of your earning (people tend to leave the page because of this).So you will have to use single space on your site to display ads.So if you are planning to do so read on

  • Install Quick Adsense plugin for WordPress.This is free plugin and can be downloaded from WordPress website
  • Copy codes from all advertising companies of whom you want to display ads on your page like Google Adsense, Chitika, Adbrite, Clicksor, Pocket Cents etc.If you have not signup for them then you can signup.Signing up is free for all of the networks above.
  • Then go to Settings –> Quick Adsense option from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Paste the codes you copied above in Ads on post body section.Copy one ad code in Ads1,second on Ads2 respectively.This way you can copy 10 ad codes in these boxes.
  • Now scroll up the page and on the Position option choose the option Assign random posts.You can choose this to display in beginning or in middle or in last (I prefer the middle one and will suggest you to do so but you are free to choose according to your need)
  • Save the settings.
  • Browse your website.You will see ad from advertising network (you pasted code in Ads1 box) , in second view from second provider and this way.
  • So you have used different provider ads on same ad space.
  • Now you can check you report to find out the best network for you.
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