Adding Google plusone button to WordPress without plugin

Google plusone button has took internet world by storm and everyone is trying to put it on their website.Their are many plugins for doing this in WordPress. But should you use plugin for this is the question. Using plugin is not recommended for performance. It is advised that plugins should only be used if necessary (unnecessary usage of plugins slows down the website considerably).

If you want to use this button without using plugins then read ahead

  • Log into your Google account
  • Go to the address
  • Copy the code after customizing the button.It is good to use Standard size and annotation bubble. Rarely I see websites using setting different than this ( Udinra is also using the same settings 🙂
  • Log into your WordPress admin area
  • Go to Appearance –> Widgets
  • Drag a text widget on the sidebar (where you want to place your google plusone button)
  • Copy the code in the text widget
  • Click on save button to save the code
  • Open your website in browser and see your website with Google plusone button

The above approach reduces usage of plugins and thus minimizes the number of plugins you have.This helps in making your website faster.

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