Adding Google Analytics to WordPress without plugin

Google Analytics is useful tool and a must have for any website. There are many plugins in WordPress for doing this but it can be done without using plugins. Plugins make job simpler but should not be overused as it slows down the website considerably. So you should use plugins only for task which are not that simple.

To add Google Analytics tracking in your WordPress website follow below steps

  • Log into your Google Analytics account.If you have not signed up for a account then do it.
  • After login into the account.Click on the tools like icon on the right side (it is situated below sign out on the toolbar where dashboard etc are situated)
  • After clicking on the above mentioned link a new page is displayed.Click on the Tracking Code.
  • Select the Standard option
  • Copy the code
  • Log into your wordpress installation as WordPress admin
  • Open the header.php file of your current theme
  • Paste the code before </head> tag on your header.php file
  • Save the file
  • That’s it. You have enabled Google Analytics on your website.

This is best way to add Analytics on your WordPress website (you can say I am not humble but believe me this is best way). This does not require using plugins thus helps making your wordpress site slicker and faster. It has been well stated fact that leser the number of plugins faster the website. Thus following above you can remove one of the plugin.

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