Add nofollow to all external links in easy steps

Search engine optimization is continuously changing.Nowadays webmasters prefer to put rel=”nofollow” to external links.WordPress by default makes every comment link a nofollow link.But any link you add in your post becomes a dofollow link.You might not like the idea of adding dofollow external links in body of your post.

Now if you are writing new post then it is easy to add nofollow after adding a link but what about the posts you have already written having external dofollow link.It is not a feasible solution to go back and review each article for external dofollow link.

The beauty and power of WordPress lies in its huge collection of plugins.There is a plugin for almost every task and thankfully there exist one plugin (Outbound link manager) for this task as well.It scans all your posts and lists all the outbound links.Not only that it provides option to make them nofollow or ignore them or unlink them.

The plugin configuration is very easy and installation procedure is same as that of any other plugin.You should install it and scan your website once to see if there is any outbound link which should be nofollow instead of dofollow.There is no need to keep this plugin installed and activated.You can periodically install it and scan your database.After the task is complete it is better to delete it as less number of plugin is better.

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