Adbull Cursor ads advertising network review

Adbull advertising network has added a new dimension to online advertising with time bound contextual cursor position ads.This advertising network is backed by LexosMedia.I signed up for the website before writing this review so as to get real feel of it.

Signup and Approval

Signup process is easy.The website is approved instantaneously.Adbull however does not approve Adult sites.It is stated in their terms and conditions.You should not face any issues in signup or approval.

Adbull ads

Adbull uses cursor ads.It is patent of theirs.Cursor ads are displayed at mouse position of the visitor for few seconds.Cursor ad moves along with the visitor cursor.So there is no question of banner blindness.The visitor will see the ad.After few seconds (5 secs on approx) the ad gets attached to bottom left part of your webpage.

Adbull does claim higher CTR for cursor ads (5.80%) compared to link ads and banner ads.The eCPM rate($1.86) is also claimed to be on higher side for cursor ads.They currently serve only cursor ads format.I have not run there ads long enough to validate the claims.

Payment terms

Minimum payment is $100 which is on higher side for a advertising network not very popular yet.You can get paid through paypal.I have not seen any payment proof or such statements from any reliable source.So it can not be said whether they pay or not.

Referral Program

They do offer referral program.The referral program payment terms are

  • $5 for every referral active for 45 days and earned between $5 to $50.
  • $25 for every referral active for 45 days and earned between $50.01 to $250.
  • $50 for every referral active for 45 days and earned greater than $250.
  • If you have referred more than 50 referrals than you will get $5 for every 180 days referral remains active.
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Above referral program may sound good to ears and you might jump into it.But the problem is you will not get to see your referral stats.The reporting and other places in Adbull dashboard do not give you any idea about your referral count.

I have send them a mail with above query and will update the post accordingly.


They do provide decent reporting.It displays number of impressions per day and number of clicks.But you can not see the posts on which click occurred.Most of the advertising network provide this much info so in reporting they score fairly well.

Publisher Dashboard

The publisher dashboard is easy.It is very easy to add new websites and create ad tags for your websites.

How to add Adbull ads on your website

Adding Adbull ads on your website is fairly easy.The ad code is single line JavaScript code.You can add it just above </body> tag of your webpage.In case you are using content management system like WordPress then </body> tag is present in footer.php file of your theme.You can also use Udinra Adsense Alternatives plugin to add the ad code.


Adbull cursor ad format is something pretty new and interesting in advertising world.It may not feel good visitor experience for someone as cursor ad follows your cursor but may result in increased CTR.There is not much information about payment proof and eCPM offered by it.But new webmasters can use it on their website just for a test ride to see the benefits.

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