5 things you must do after installing WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging software or CMS.So it is very likely that you will be starting your online website or blog using it.So if you have installed it or planning to install it then read and perform below tasks first

  1. Just after installing it install the plugin WP Maintenance Mode or Maintenance Mode.Both of these plugins are free and can be downloaded from WordPress.org.You can make a search with search string Mode in plugins section.These plugins keep your site in maintenance mode so if a visitor visits your site he/she gets a message that your website is undergoing changes and will be live (you can set the time).
  2. You should not allow search engines to visit or crawl your website until it is ready to go.If you agree with this then go to Settings –> Privacy option of your Dashboard (after login as administrator). Choose the option I would like to block search engines but allow normal visitors and click Save.Remember to chose the other option after your website is ready or you will lose your search traffic.
  3. Set the permission of your WP-CONFIG.PHP file to 400 or440.You can do so by login into your cPanel account (Hosting account). Go to your WordPress root installation directory using the File Manager option of cPanel,search for file wp-config.php then click on Permissions option of  file manager and set the permission to 400 or 440 (i.e. allow read access of your self or group and un check all other boxes). This is most common mistake webmasters make and most common way bad people break through your website.
  4. Log into your cPanel account.You will see option Index Manager under the advanced section.Click on the option and on the next screen click on the directory /public_html.No the next screen select No indexing and click save.Doing this you have disallowed user to browse through your directory (good for security)
  5. Delete the plugin Hello Dolly and the Hello World post.You can also delete Akismet (as Spam Free WordPress is better option compared to Akismet in spam protecting. You can find complete tutorial on Spam Free WordPress here). It is not mandatory to delete these things before starting but it is good practice to remove unused plugins and posts from yous installation.

Hope this post helps you.In case you need any help then contact me via contact me form.I will be more than happy to help you kickstart your online venture.

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