3 ways to install WordPress on your computer or laptop

WordPress is one of the most popular content management system.This means that majority of people use this to create their website or blog.It is also good to learn this platform for freelancing.You will get lots of project on this system.

So for freelancing purpose and also trying out this CMS before creating your real website it is needed to install it and have a feel of it.You can not buy web space and then learn the CMS.You should ideally install it on your computer or laptop.

You need Apache server,PHP and MySQL to run WordPress.These packages come bundled together in packages mentioned below.You can download them for free.You can use any one of the below procedures to install WordPress on your computer or laptop


You need to download WAMP server and install it.After installation you need to copy the WordPress files in wamp/www/ directory of the drive in which you installed WAMP server.Then the installation procedure is pretty simple just open localhost in your browser (if you have WordPress files under sub folder of www then you should open localhost/demo in browser assuming you put files under demo sub folder of www).Next problem is database user name and password tp use during installation.Use root as database user name and keep password field to blank.All other settings should be left unchanged.Other parameters you need to change are self explanatory.


This is second alternative.You can download it for free and installation is pretty simple.After installation you need to copy the WordPress files under htdocs folder.This folder is under installation directory of XAMPP server (drive name/xampp).Other steps are pretty simple.Just follow the steps mentioned above for installation.Database user name and password in this case is same as in case of WAMP server.


This has become my favorite because of ease of installation and simplicity.It is also free and installation is pretty simple.After installation copy WordPress files under EasyPHPwww folder of the drive you installed EasyPHP.Follow same steps as mentioned above for installation.You need to use same database user name and password as above.


All methods mentioned above are for Windows.Linux comes with Apache,MySQL and PHP installed (except few like Ubuntu).You can install these packages if they are not installed on your distribution.After installation the procedure remains the same.

In case of any queries or if you have tried other method than those mentioned above feel free to share.

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