Udinra Image Sitemap Pro WordPress plugin

Udinra Image Sitemap plugin

Udinra Image Sitemap is best WordPress Image Sitemap plugin.It automates the process of sitemap generation and pinging the search engine giants like Google, Bing, Ask.com.There are couple other image sitemap generation plugins but this plugin stands out.

The plugin comes in two flavors Free version and Paid version.Paid version is crafted to support eCommerce plugins using product images,Image heavy websites like Photography,Art and similar sites and sites with too may images but limited resource which are not served by free version of the plugin.

Below is list of features available in free version of the plugin as well as pro version.This will help you decide whether t go with free version or pro version.

Pro Version Features

  • Supports WooCommerce plugin –WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress.Pro version of Udinra Image Sitemap is completely compatible with WooCommerce.It automatically detects WooCommerce installation and generates image sitemap from it.It is only image sitemap plugin which correctly prioritize your product images.
  • Supports NextGen plugin — NextGen Gallery plugin is the most popular Image Gallery plugin.The Pro version of the plugin automatically detects the Gallery plugin.It includes the images into Sitemap plugin.There is no configuration required from user.Currently it detects images or galleries added using shortcodes only.This is the only image sitemap plugin to support NextGen Gallery.
  • Supports Large Websites — Most image sitemap plugins are not designed to work with large websites.The plugin works well with Large websites.There is no impact on performance of your website nor server resources.You can use Plugin Profiler plugin to see impact of the plugin on WordPress load time as well as your server resources.
  • Improves Image SEO — It automatically generates ALT text for images you have not added ALT text.ALT text is one of the most important Image SEO factors.It includes all image sitemap tags and improves your image ranking and discover-ability in search engines.

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Free Version Features

  • Pings Google,Bing and Ask.com — This plugin pings Google,Bing and Ask.com automatically.You can configure this feature.You can also select which if the three should be pinged.But it is recommended to ping all three of them.No other image sitemap comes with this feature.You will be informed about the ping status.
  • Creates Image Sitemap automatically — It creates image sitemap automatically if you publish either page or post containing image.This feature is absent in some of the image sitemap plugins currently.You can also control and switch off this feature.
  • Supports Featured Images — The sitemap contains featured images which are not part of post content.This is absent in some of image sitemap plugins currently.
  • Creates all major Image sitemap tags — It creates all major image sitemap tags like image title,image caption,image location defined by Google Image sitemap standards.Some image sitemap plugins do not create sitemaps using all three tags.
  • gzip version — Creates gziped version of the image sitemap.This makes your sitemap size small.Pings gzipped version to search engines if created.
  • Readable image sitemap — XSL makes your image sitemap easily viewable and also gives you count of posts and images.
  • Fast and Simple — It is very fast.The plugin is re written and optimized for performance.The interface is simple and information.The query and code is optimized for less server resource usage.The MySQL database query is written to fetch the information needed (optimal query so less database load,good feature for shared hosting websites).

But in case you want to know about Image Sitemap and its importance in SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) of your website then read the paragraphs below.In short Image Sitemaps help your content rank higher in Search Engines like Google and Bing.

What is Image Sitemap?

You have a website with images.The images are attached to web pages.Each page on your website have a unique URL.Every image on your webpage also have unique URL.You should make search engines aware about your page and images.

For this purpose you create list of your pages and images you have on pages.Since URL are used to identify content you have to include URL of your pages in the list.Now lets say you have one page with two images.Then you need to include URL of your page and your images in the list.

You also have to inform search engines that these two images are part of the page.This list is known as image sitemap.

Does your site needs image sitemap?

This post is about image sitemap and my plugin for WordPress.But I will not say you to just download it and install.Rather you should first check whether your website needs image sitemap.There is no point installing one more plugin for sack of it.

Image sitemap is required if your plan includes one of below points

  • You have images for Google Image Search and Bing Image search keywords and you are expecting traffic from these searches
  • You have image centralized posts on your blog
  • You have lots of images on your website
  • You have eCommerce website with lots of product images.

Why is image sitemap important for your blog?

Google image search (Bing image search as well) might be outperforming Google web search traffic for your website for some keywords.Usually people do not give much importance to image search and focus lot more to web search.

XML sitemap for content (or sitemaps in general) help you rank better (or better discovery of your content). Similarly image sitemap helps your image search ranking.You can check performance of your website in different Google property using Google Analytics for more detail read this post.

This site gets healthy amount of traffic from Google Image search.I discovered this fact few months back.So if you want to rank better in image search then use image sitemap.

What is meant by Automatically pinging Search Engines?

Many plugin user have confusion regarding this term.They assume that this plugin will add entry of Image Sitemap in Google Webmasters or Bing Webmasters.But this is not the case.You should all the sitemaps to webmasters tools manually.

Now once new content is added on your website.The plugin will create the sitemap.It will then inform the search engines that content is updated.So the search engines will crawl the new content.So your new content will feature in search engine index more quickly.You do not have to wait long for that.


Follow the same steps as other plugins.

  1. Download it from WordPress Download Udinra Image sitemap plugin
  2. Extract the zip file in wp-content –> plugins folder.
  3. Activate it from WordPress Dashboard.
  4. Create a sitemap-image.xml file in your WordPress root directory.Make the file writable (644) file permissions.
  5. If you want to create gziped version of your sitemap then create sitemap-image.xml.gz file in your WordPress root directory.Make the file writable (644) file permissions.
  6. You can also install it from WordPress dashboard by searching Udinra All Image Sitemap ( Plugins –> Add New)


Should I use Image sitemap?

Already answered above.

Should I ping Google and Bing?

Yes you should ping Google and Ping.It is very important to make them aware of your fresh contents.So I would suggest you to check all the three check boxes (in plugin configuration section there are check boxes for pinging Google,Bing and Ask.com). The plugin will take care of rest.

How to create blank sitemap-image.xml file?

Log into your cPanel account and go to File Manager option of cPanel.Browse to your WordPress root directory.Click on create new file and name the file as sitemap-image.xml.Make the file writable.You can make it writable by changing permission of the file.The permissions to use depends from server to server you can use 600 and if it does not work then use 660 (but never use 666).

Which Google image sitemap tags are supported?

All major image sitemap tags are currently supported by the plugin.

308 comments Udinra Image Sitemap Pro WordPress plugin

  1. Jaren says:

    Great post I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this interesting and knowledgeable article. I’ll surely watch this.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Hi Udinra Team,
    I am considering to buy the pro version – for several clients with visual composer, but there is a major problem – I use as base YOAST SEO.

    From SEO basic I can not have one sitemap_index.xml and your sitemap-image.xml. I need to integrate your sitemap-image.xml into YOAST. YOAST is not helpful, maybe you have a solution. They offer the filter “wpseo_sitemap_index”.



    Thank you very much in advance,

    1. You can buy the Pro plugin.Post that I will modify the plugin to add above feature.Note I do not want to add this in main plugin as of now.I may consider it if many customers ask for it.

  3. Jason says:

    I´m running a pic heavy blog, there are of 40k of pics on my site and every normal plugin breaks down.

    I would need to specify a category that the plugin should index, create a sitemap for that category and I would update the main sitemap by myself

    1. You can buy the Pro version and test it out.If it works no issues if not then I can customize it as per your requirement but that would be extra cost.

  4. Paul says:

    I have created a sitemap but only 48 of 260 images have been indexed. Can I get them all indexed?

    1. You can get all of them indexed. Are you using any Gallery plugin or Image plugin?

      1. Paul says:

        Yes, I am using Elegant Themes Divi native gallery. Does it index all of these images?

        1. I have not checked the plugin with it. You can buy the pro version and see if it works out if not you can go for customization or refund.The customization cost will depend on amount of changes required.

  5. David Burdick says:

    I have > 25,000 images, 99% of which are buried in the directory structure of a plugin called autoAlbums. This plugin automatically generates nested galleries based on the directory structure, making my life much easier (otherwise I would be manually creating dozens, if not hundreds of pages, each with galleries I would have to update manually. However, i can’t seem to be able to generate an image sitemap using the free version of Udinra (or another popular image sitemap plugin). Would the PRO version be able to include these images in the image sitemap? If so, I would be more than willing to drop $28, or more if customization is needed.

    1. Customization will be required in this case.Pro version is not compatible with this Gallery plugin.

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