19 Sacred places to visit near Kedarnath dham

Baba Kedarnath temple itself is one of the major attractions.But you will be amazed to know that there are several places around the temple which are also very beautiful and are must visit.But most of the peoples do not know about these places and just return after visiting the holy temple.

Below is the list of places situated near Kedarnath divided into four groups depending upon the direction in which they are situated.

Sangam is the place where two rivers /or more than two rivers meet.This word is used many times below.

Group 1

  1. Sri Shankaracharya Samadhi — Samadhi of Aadi guru Shankaracharya
  2. Kshir Ganga — the sangam of both the Ganges is known as Kronch area
  3. Madhu Ganga
  4. Gandhi Sarovar
  5. Brahma Gufa
  6. Meru
  7. Sumeru
  8. Hanuman temple (do not know much details.Will be great if some users provide input)

Group2 (South)

  1. Hans Kund
  2. Ishaneshwar Mahadev temple
  3. Fhalahari baba samadhi
  4. Sri Bhuvkund Bhairav temple
  5. Retas Kund sacred kund devotees drink water of this kund


  1. Udaya kund
  2. Vaasuki Taal
  3. Brahma Kamalam
  4. Kshir Ganga Mandakini Sangam known as Brahma tirtha area
  5. Nava Durga temple


  1. Narayana temple (exact name do not remember.But ends with Narayana word)

It will be great if users can provide input about above places.I have compiled the list based on my diary notes created while my Chardham tour.I also took snap of the map marking these places but it is not clear.

Below is the snap of map taken (it is not readable but hope it will give you some idea).Group1 place is on top,group2 places are situated on right,group3 place is situated on bottom left and group4 is situated on bottom right.It might give you some idea about the distances from the temple.I will search the notes and other details to provide as much input as possible of above places.

I am also trying to collect history behind these places.Input from visitors is appreciated in this regard.I have got some data but is not in presentable form or complete.

19 sacred places near Kedarnath region map


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