Punjab Sindh Awas Kedarnath dham review

Punjab Sindh Awas is regarded as one of the top hotels in Kedarnath dham.It is placed in higher packages offered by Chardham tour operators.I had a chance to stay in this hotel on my Chardham yatra and is writing an honest review to help fellow tourists.


Service is one of prime factors to evaluate a hotel.We reached at Kedarnath Dham in afternoon and there was no issues getting room in Punjab Sindh Awas hotel.Staff was very cooperative and helpful.We were provided with hot drinking water just in time.They kept checking about tea and gave other relevant information about Aarti timings.Night food timing was fixed at 8PM (just after Aarti so that we do not have any issues in attending the Aarti).


Food was good.Do not expect metro foods or fast food here.You can expect homely food (Rice,Bread means Roti,Dal and vegetable).The food was tasty and served hot.You will not get lot of options but that’s quite understandable.But the options present were good enough for a sound meal.


Rooms were spacious.Good quality blankets were provided.Two blankets per bed was the norm followed.It was very cold due to three hour snowfall from 3PM to 6PM.The blankets provided were good enough to keep us warm.Rooms had cold water and hot water was provided as per request with 50 INR per bucket rate.The rates may change every year so do not set this as  benchmark.


Hotel was included in our packages so a definite say on room charge is not possible.We discovered that pre booking of hotel rooms is not necessary as there were enough empty rooms (We went in first week of temple opening so things might change in peak days but lot of options available in area if you do not find accommodation here).The dinner rate was around 140 INR per thali (I do not remember exact cost).


Punjab Sindh Awas is located near Baba kedarnath temple.The distance is approx 100 meters but does takes time to cover (due to snowfall road was covered with ice and was slippery).You can hear Aarti from hotel compound.You can also reach place to catch pony by a road near on back side of the hotel.

Overall Rating

Great Hotel -

Punjab Sind Awas

One of the best hotels in Kedarnath dham.

100 meters from Baba Kedarnath temple

Himalaya view from Punjab Sind Awas

Photographed in
Kedarnath Dham, India
Date uploaded:
Nov 18, 2012
I took this picture on CharDham Yatra.

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Nov 18, 2012


Satisfied by quality food and great service.Located close to Baba Kedarnath Temple

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