Make money displaying related and popular post of your site

Bloggers like to display posts related to a particular post in order to increase visitor engagement on their blog.This helps visitors to read additional posts from your website instead of going back and searching for other website.It also helps in visitor retention and increased page views. Similarly it is also great idea to display popular posts from your website.Displaying these two category of posts are used a lot by bloggers and also lot of plugins are available in different content management system for this purpose. Things become more interesting if you can make money while displaying related posts and popular posts from your website.This feature is provided by nRelate. nRelate offers plugin for popular content management system and also has Javascript code (if you do not have site created with popular content management systems like WordPress) to use.It offers separate plugin and code for displayed popular posts and related posts so in case you do not want to display any one (for example you are not interested in displaying popular posts then you can opt out). nRelate displays posts from your website and also advertisement link.The number of posts to be displayed from your website and number of ad links to be displayed can be customized.You can also choose not to display any ads at all.It also offers the flexibility to select where text link ads will be displayed (should it be displayed last or mixed with results from your website). nRelate is 100% genuine as it is an company now (it has been acquired by you can use it without any doubt. I would like to know any other service as offered by nRelate.Please pour in your suggestions and queries.

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  1. Sangram Nandkhile

    Outbrain offers similar services but i prefer nrelate as it doesn’t redirect to its server & then to the post.

  2. somu

    hi sister my score in ibps po2 is 155 general. i have passed mba in finance and marketing in year 2012. i am also pursuing company secratery course and i am in final level.
    what kind of qns can i expect?
    and sud i mention abt my cs course in the interview?
    kindly help

  3. Esha Upadhyay

    Hi Somu,

    please post the question to right post.You need to prepare for Finance questions and banking questions (as per your profile you have experience in finance).
    How much time you need to complete your CS?

    Please post your answer to IBPS PO posts not here