Google Mobile Sitemap plugin for WordPress

Udinra Mobile Sitemap is best Google Mobile Sitemap plugin for WordPress.It automates the process of sitemap generation and pinging the search engine giants like Google, Bing, are couple other mobile sitemap generation plugins but this plugin stands out.Below is feature list and comparison with other plugins

Features and Comparison

  • Pings Google,Bing and — You can control which search engine should be pinged.It is good to ping all the search engines.So selecting the options to ping these search engines is recommended.It is only mobile sitemap plugin which provides this feature.Pinging search engine informs about new content and is good for SEO.
  • Creates Mobile Sitemap automatically — It creates mobile sitemap automatically if you publish either page or post.You can turn this feature on or off.This great control is another feature which distinguishes this plugin with others in market.
  • Creates gziped version of the mobile sitemap.It is good to gzip (compress) your sitemap if it is big.If gzip version of sitemap generation is enabled then this version is pinged to search engines.This feature is not present in other sitemap plugins.
  • Fast and Simple — The plugin is optimized for performance.It is low on resource.The queries used are optimized for better performance.So you should not worry about it’s performance.


Follow the same steps as other plugins.

  1. Download it from WordPress Download Udinra mobile sitemap plugin
  2. Extract the zip file in wp-content –> plugins folder.
  3. Activate it from WordPress Dashboard.
  4. Configure the plugin and generate sitemap.If you face any issues then follow below steps.
  5. Create a sitemap-mobile.xml file in your WordPress root directory.Make the file writable (644) file permissions.
  6. If you want to create gziped version of your sitemap then create sitemap-image.xml.gz file in your WordPress root directory.Make the file writable (644) file permissions.
  7. You can also install it from WordPress dashboard by searching Udinra Mobile Sitemap ( Plugins –> Add New)


Should I use Mobile sitemap?

Yes.Mobile Sitemap tells Search Engines that you have content which is mobile compatible.This increases your ranking in mobile search ranking.

Should I ping Google and Bing?

Yes you should ping Google and Ping.It is very important to make them aware of your fresh contents.So I would suggest you to check all the three check boxes (in plugin configuration section there are check boxes for pinging Google,Bing and The plugin will take care of rest.

How to create blank sitemap-mobile.xml file?

Log into your Cpanel account and go to File Manager option of Cpanel.Browse to your WordPress root directory.Click on create new file and name the file as sitemap-mobile.xml.Make the file writable.You can make it writable by changing permission of the file.The permissions to use depends from server to server you can use 600 and if it does not work then use 660 (but never use 666).

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  1. Eric


    I have a WordPress site (http dot //santabarbarawinetours dot org) for which I’ve built a mobile version which is also built on WordPress (http dot //m dot santabarbarawinetours dot org).

    The content on the two site is very different. In this case, is it best to use your Mobile Sitemap plugin on the main site, mobile site or both?


    1. Esha Upadhyay

      You need to use this on your mobile site (m.your domain name in this case)