Common Leopard

Common Leopard is one of the cutest and most beautiful animal among cat family.Animals tend to have complicated scientific names and hard to remember but common leopard has simple and easy to remember name Panthera Pardus(a cute name for a cute animal). Common Leopard is better climber than the Tigers and this helps them to co-exist with the Tigers.The yellow coated skin with black stripes also known as rosettes gives a unique and cute look to the animal.The cute common leopard has powerful jaws and can climb on trees this makes them a fierce predator. The animal is commonly found in Indian subcontinent but in recent years the numbers are decreasing.This beautiful animal is identified as an endangered animal.Indian Government is trying hard to increase number of this animal.Under such initiative Himalayan Zoological Park in Gangtok is stressing hard to increase the number of Common Leopard.This beautiful animal is a major attraction in Himalayan Zoological Park of Gangtok and the park authorities have placed a fact board before the compound to educate the tourists about the animal.

Common Leopard Habitat

common-leopard-habitat-in-gangtok By Photographed in Gangtok, India Date uploaded: Jun 02, 2012 I took this picture on Gangtok Your.
Above is the snap of animal in its natural habitat as created in Himalayan Zoological park.The animal is sleeping and enjoying the bright sunshine amid the cool temperature of the Gangtok.The relaxing mood of the animal in the snap is amusing for tourists and brings smile on face of wild life lovers.It is sleeping on top of the structure made specially for it.The structure gives it a feeling of home like rocky land in jungle.

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